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PDR PROS Hail Repair     Del Rio, Texas, (830)775-1801

Del Rio, Texas

Hail Storm

April 2nd, 2017

PDR Pros Hail Repair     Del Rio, Texas




Local Del Rio, TX office

for over 25 years!



We can help you wirh your Insurance claims.

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Same-day service is possible on minor hail damage.

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PDR PROS  Paintless Dent Repair provides Paintless Dent Repair for hail damaged cars and trucks in the Del Rio, Texas area! We have many years of experience repairing dents from hail. Check the PDR faq page for more info or send us an email.

PDR PROS guarantees all work we work with all insurance companies. We can waive your deductible and fix your hail damage. Call today for your free estimate. If you have a small dent or lots of dents, call today. We can repair your dents and your car or truck will look like new. There may be no need for expensive auto body work or a body shop. A body shop is great for major hail damage, but for dings and dents pdr (paintless dent repair) is a better hail repair option. It will save you money and is less expensive on your insurance. Insurance companies prefer PDR because it is better than paying a body shop much more money for the body work. Hail damage repair is what we do. Work with Jason J. Schilling every step of the way. Jason has fixed thousands of cars and can make this process extremely simple. One contact person, one call away from having your hail damage repaired.

PDR PROS Paintless Dent  Repair  is the  “Number one auto care service" in the Del Rio, Texas area! We remove minor dings and dents, door dings, shopping cart dents, ice and hail damage dents, creases and small dents from all vehicles. This amazing service is performed without using paint or bodywork! Save Hundreds! Insurance claims are welcome. We work with insurance companies everyday. You can have your insurance company contact us anytime.












Hail Repair Service

Locally owned and operated hail repair. It's important you choose a company that has a local office that can provide hail repair service when you need it.


Service Area

Our Hail Damage Catastrophe Team is in Del Rio. If you live in the Val Verde County area and need hail repair, please tell us how we can help. Include the type of vehicle, phone and email and we'll get your hail dents removed.


Professional Services

If you have dents from hail damage, we can make it easy to get your car or truck fixed. He can help you with insurance claims, car rental, pay your deductible, and fix your hail damage. Usually the same Day.

For your convenience, we have multiple PDR shop locations

Del Rio, Texas

1800 Veterans Blvd.

Del Rio, TX 78840



Toll FREE 1-866-860-4245







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